Vacuo, a kingdom on the continent of Vytal, is know for it’s rugged lifestyle, hot sands, and windy plains.

Vacuo has a lower population density of humans or faunus than any other kingdom. It also has less comforts even in its cities. It’s also simi-isolated from the other kingdoms. The harsh desert to the east is nearly lifeless, making overland travel to Vale dangerous. It’s coastal areas are cut off from Atlas, and the trip to Vale by sea is long, to say nothing of Mystral. As such most of Vacuo’s trade is with Vale, although Mystral and Atlas do have access to Vacuo’s markets.

This smaller, scattered population and isolation has given Vacuites a rugged, friendly, and open view of the world and society. Secrets are hard to keep in Vacuo, and comrades are always close if few in number.

Grimm in Vacuo are also more dangerous. Deathstalkers and Nevermore have near free reign of the deserts and skies. As such smaller versions of these and other grimm are constant issues even in the Capitol.


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